Herb Products

The building up process and the development of our Patikárium-product range, has been settled based on the knowledge and experience of the hundreds of years old pharmaceutics. We have alloyed this with knowledge gained during traditional usage of curative natural materials.

We would like to give you the best we can, applying our expertness in officinal herbs and in pharmaceutical competence.

Qualitative products originated from qualitative materials.

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Peppermint LeavesNettle LeavesBramble Rose (Fruit)LindenflowerChamomile FlowerGarden and Spanish Thyme Leaves and FlowersSmall Flowered Willowherb Flower SproutYarrow Flower DriveLemon Balm LeavesNettle LeavesHawthorn Flower Shoot TipChamomile FlowerYarrow Flower DriveHorsetail Barren ShootSage LeavesLemon Essential OilPeppermint Essential OilEucalyptus Essential Oil