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Horsetail Barren Shoot

Horsetail Barren ShootEquiseti herba

50 g

Ph.Eur. Quality

Horsetail is excellent choice for blood cleansing treatment, thanking to its diuretic effect, it can be used for inflammation of the renal pelvis and for bladder problems. It is a good astringent in case nose-bleeding. It is good against rheumatic- and gout complaints. It also can be applied in case of weak, brittle nails and hair loss, and help wound healing. It has good effects in urinary tract infections, and its diuretic effect can be used for oedematous legs. If one’s gargling, it has positive effects for inflammation of tooth-gums, mouth and for sore throats. Some statics say, it can enhance the body’s resistance.zátuma hatékonyan segít. Egyes adatok szerint a szervezet ellenálló-képességét fokozó hatása van. (

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